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-1- H. Groothuis

Since the beginning of 2015, I have been connected to various autotrading systems and have experienced various ups and downs in terms of performance since then. There was a wide range of systems and providers, however, there appeared to be a lot of chaff between the wheat and I think this is still the case. In the end, the Traderswinkel, later renamed Systems2follow, proved to be the best match for my wishes and ambition. No fancy slogans or golden mountains, but an honest story and reliable systems. The returns on most systems are excellent, with the occasional up or down. The costs are reasonable in every way, certainly compared to the returns achieved and the high watermark principle used. What appeals to me most is that you subscribe to a system once and then you can 'forget about it'. Founder Ruud Hoefnagels is very approachable, gives good personal explanations and is always willing to help if you have problems. He is constantly looking for improvements and has good contacts with the system developers. The latter aspects are not self-evident and, as far as I am concerned, this is what distinguishes Systems2follow from other providers. In short, I can warmly recommend autotrading via Systems2follow (and no, I have no shares in this company).


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