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We receive many comments about the RVM systems. Below is an overview of the reactions.

Many new clients often start with a deposit under €50,000 but soon expand to €100,000 or more.

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Dear Ruud,

Everything okay?

Ik zit er aan te denken om bij RVM Strategy 720k toe te voegen. Kun jij mij een goede aanbieding doen.

Groet, On


Good morning Ruud,

Met het resultaat van RVM  ben ik meer dan tevreden. Rustig en stabiel.

I am therefore considering scaling up. What are the costs when tracking with factor 15.

yours sincerely, Cor



I stick with "RVM Strategy" but would like to increase it to factor 15

If you would like to let me know the cost for this I will transfer it.

Greetings, Jan


Intention is that I would take 5x additional factor on RVM : 4x Strategy and 1x Retirement. I currently already have 10 factors : 8 X Strategy and 2x Retirement. You will let me know how much the contribution is in terms of subscription cost please ? Would it be possible to do the calculation so that all subscriptions expire on the same date so that at that moment I pay abo for the 15 x and this during a full year? You just see what is possible.

Sincerely, Mark


Good morning Ruud,

Thanks for the discount, just transferred money to:

Ik zal zaterdag RVM met 3 factor verhogen.




Dear Ruud,

Another six months have passed and I am now once again determining my strategy for the next 6 months.

I am now competing at factor 11 with Ruud van Megen's system (Strategy) and now want to go to factor 16.

I had paid for 2 years for factor 11 and it expires at the end of this year.

So it seems most convenient for me to top up for 6 months now for additional 5 factors and then top up again at the end of this year to go to factor 20 and then pay for 2 years.

regards John Peter


Dear Ruud,

Ik heb mijn saldo verhoogd naar ca. €  36000,00.

Therefore, I would ask you to increase the factor 2 to factor 3 for RVM Strategy

Thanks for your cooperation.

Kind regards,



Good morning Ruud, could you move the contracts from 1 to 3 for the RVM Strategy for me.

Thanks, good luck and have a great day again.

‍Sincerely regards



Hello Ruud, I would like to renew my subscription with factor 2 to RVM Strategy. I will transfer € 950. Regards,Herman


Bye Ruud,

I would indeed like to top up. For now, first to factor 3 and maybe later in the year to factor 5.

But as I skew before, it is not clear to me what then the subscription amount will be.

Can you explain that?

Kind regards,


Hi Ruud,

I would like to convert my subscription from Strategy from factor 1 to factor 5 for 2 years.

Please hear,



Hi Ruud. I am very satisfied with this system. I am now just about out of participation costs. I will definitely participate with another part.

M vr grt Minard

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