Our Story

Systems2follow, the most transparent and honest platform for professional trading systems.

Systems2follow is since 2019 the successor of Traderswinkel. Traderswinkel, founded by Ruud Hoefnagels in 2013, is the first provider of automatic investing. Since then, anyone can trade like a pro. We make investing easier and more accessible.

Ruud Hoefnagels, an investor from the very beginning

In his career, Ruud has always played an innovative role in the financial world. He was the first to launch a financial website, was the first to comment on each stock exchange day, founded Beursplaza and started auto trading.

Investing is in his blood. He knows the market and all the professional investors.

Knowing that not everyone has this knowledge in mind, he makes it easy for others. Everything is aimed at informing investors better and making the financial world transparent. No dependence on expensive brokers, banks or fund managers, but everything under control himself.

Our Mission
We live in a world where interest is giving way to return and where investing is the new saving. In this world, it is our mission to set the standard in system trading. Systems2follow is the most transparent and user-friendly platform where investors can easily connect to professional trading systems that best suit their needs. Now and in the future.

We know the market, we know almost all professional traders

We have a lot of knowledge of trading systems. But that does not happen by itself. Our formula is based on four pillars that are the foundation of everything we do.

Customer focus

Our customers are the reason for our success. That is why we put our customers first. We make our services user-friendly for them. We are with them every step of the way and offer a product range that meets their needs in every phase of life.


With over 40 years of experience in the stock market, expertise is our core service. We apply this expertise to everything we do: from figuring out the right trading systems to providing assistance to our clients. We can be trusted.


Although investing always involves risk, we always deliver what we promise. And we never promise anything we cannot deliver. We build our long-term client relationships by being transparent, honest and with integrity.


We do not hide behind our website. We can be reached by phone, chat and e-mail. We are always ready for personal support. Personal contact is important to us.


Traderswinkel becomes Systems2follow

Traderswinkel changes its name and is now called Systems2follow.


Started with the Tradershop

The first website where investors could follow professional traders.


Introduction of trading systems

The first concept of trading systems that can be automatically followed by investors is launched.


Ruud 's AEX continues as Beursplaza

A new professionalised brand name: Beursplaza. Beursplaza goes full speed ahead with lots of writers, quotes, news. Together with IEX, the largest stock market portal in the Netherlands.


Started with Ruud's AEX.

The first site with a daily commentary on the AEX. Several updates per day.


Technical Trader sold

Technical Trader is sold after 5 successful years to make way for a new direction.


Technical Trader founded

"An investment advisory service that gave concrete advice via fax. But quickly switched to the Internet. Was the first website in the field of investing in the Netherlands. Together with the digital investor. At the time, banks did not yet have a website. Technical Trader grew into the largest advisory service in the Netherlands.


Full-time trader

Founder Ruud Hoefnagels becomes full-time trader


Trading systems development

The rise of personal computers offers new opportunities. As a passionate trader, Ruud Hoefnagels starts developing trading systems.


The birth of a passion

Our founder Ruud Hoefnagels bought his first shares, and a passion was born.