What is a factor?

Factors at Systems2follow: Flexibility and Optimization for Investors.


Systems2follow is all about providing flexibility and optimal investment opportunities to our clients. One of the unique features of our platform is the use of factors. In this article, we will explain what factors are at Systems2follow and how they allow investors to customize their trading experience to their individual needs and goals.

What are factors at Systems2follow?

In Systems2follow, a factor is used as a multiplier that determines the starting capital with which a client can follow a trading system. By default, a trading system is followed with the original starting capital. A factor of 1 means that the client is trading with the same amount as the trading system's starting capital.

However, we understand that investors have different financial goals and risk appetites. Therefore, we offer our clients the opportunity to choose which factor they want to trade with. A client may choose to trade with a higher factor, such as 2, requiring him or her to put in twice the initial capital.

Benefits of factors at Systems2follow:

1. Flexibility: Factors allow investors to adapt their trading experience to their individual preferences and financial situation. They can choose a factor that best suits their risk appetite and goals.

2. Optimization of capital: By trading at a higher factor, investors can increase their potential profits as they commit more capital. This can be especially beneficial when an investor has confidence in a specific trading system and wants to maximize its results.

3. Discounts on higher factors: At Systems2follow, the rule is that the higher the factor, the more discount a client receives. This means that investors who choose to trade with a higher factor can benefit from more favorable pricing.

Important considerations when choosing a factor:

1. Risk management: It is essential that investors carefully consider their risk appetite when choosing a factor. While trading with a higher factor can potentially yield greater profits, it also carries greater risk. Investors should ensure that they only trade with a factor that suits their comfort level and financial situation.

2. Diversification: It may also be wise to consider using different factors to track different trading systems. This provides better diversification of risk and can help mitigate any losses in a specific system.


At Systems2follow, we enable investors to optimize their trading experience through factors. Using factors provides flexibility and customization, allowing investors to tailor their trading capital to their individual needs and goals. It is important for investors to carefully consider their risk appetite and diversification when choosing a factor. By using factors, investors can implement their investment strategies in a more personal and effective way.

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